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Matrimonial/Family Services


We're here if you are getting a divorce and need help with legal services. We will look over your paperwork and go over it with you to …

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Child Support

After a divorce, one of the most significant aspects of any alimony or spousal support arrangement is the payment of child support. …

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Child Custody Cases

After a divorce or legal separation is finalized, one of the most significant questions for the court to consider is who will have …

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In need of legal help? Then, come to Nikhman, Nikhman & Associates, PLLC We have a team of professional and hardworking lawyers available for any case, no matter the size or scope. We handle matters in family law, divorce, immigration, and bankruptcy. Listening to people and providing helpful suggestions is our ...

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We’re here to ensure that the best outcome for your circumstance is granted. We deal with cases from child support to child custody cases. All cases are highly specialized and individual as the circumstances and families involved. We are readily available to help you in any such situation, and you can be sure we ...


Very professional lawyer and employees 
Sep 23, 2022
ioannis grigoriadis
Had a fantastic experience with Boris and Alla. Went through a very challenging close with a co-op and they were there every step of the way to...  Read more
Aug 26, 2022
PJ Leung





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