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Immigration Law regulates immigration into a country. It is connected to nationality law, which administrates the lawful status of a country’s citizens.

An immigration attorney can help one understand how immigration law varies according to the country they are in, and how the current political state of mind and sentiments are at the time. These laws not only cover current citizens, they are also mandated through international laws.

Federal immigration laws in a country determine who a citizen is versus if someone is an alien. This determines their lawful rights, responsibilities, and duties as to what an alien has to do in order to become a citizen of the U.S. If you want to immigrate to Brooklyn, NY then hiring an immigration lawyer can help you to understand these laws.

An immigration lawyer helps one understand how an alien becomes a legal and naturalized citizen. That makes them have the rights of a citizen. Immigration law protects a country’s borders and shows who can come in, and the amount of time they can stay.

Lawyers help you understand how this controls getting a visa. Two kinds of visas exist: immigrant and non-immigrant. Nonimmigrant visas mostly go to people on vacation or on short term business. There are 18 kinds of non-immigrant visas. Some non-immigrant visas give permission to work in the U.S., including in Brooklyn. An immigrant visa lets you stay in the U.S. on a permanent basis and apply to become a citizen.

Deportation is when a government officially makes someone leave the U.S. An alien that came in using the INA can be deported if guilty of an aggravated felony while in the U.S. If they didn’t register an address change they can also be deported, unless this is a mistake or uncontrollable. Entering the U.S. fraudulently also causes deportation.